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Radio-controlled tracked machine for towing and recovering vehicles

TowTrack recovering large 4WD vehicle
  • Tracked tow truck

  • Two sizes (TowTrack & TowTrack XL)

  • Picks up road vehicles up to 2.2 tonnes (TowTrack) or 3.5 tonnes (TowTrack XL)

  • Stability on any terrain

  • Lifts the vehicle completely, no towing required

  • Essential for electric and automatic vehicle recovery

  • Remote control to allow for safe access away from the stranded vehicle

  • Can be loaded onto a truck with its cargo

TowTrack XL


TowTrack XL

  • 2.2 tonne winch

  • Picks up vehicles up to 2.2 tonnes 

  • 4.5 tonne winch

  • Picks up vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes and 4.7m wheelbase

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